Jess Sims

Product Design and Management

Jess comes to Torelli with a passion for bicycles, especially all things steel.  It makes for a perfect fit for Torelli and our invigorated pursuit of the semi-custom steel frame.  Jess also has significant experience in business operations, something that Torelli is leveraging to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of satisfying both our consumer and dealer base of business.


“Chairman Bill” McGann

Founder and Historian

Founder of Torelli Bicycle Company. He has been a road cyclist since he was eight years old when his father bought him a little English lightweight bike. Bill has two highly acclaimed books to his credit, "The Story of the Tour de France" Volumes 1 and 2.

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Todd Linscott

Owner and Apprentice

As a hobbyist, I'm living a dream, albeit sometimes scary, leading today's Torelli. I walk the lines between tradition, beauty and function to offer something unique. I try to find smart, experienced advisors and listen to them. This will continue to evolve both Torelli and myself.

Come read about what it's like to be a part of Torelli at So, We Run a Bike Company.